Who we are

SACSIS (acronim for "Sociedad para el Avance Cientifico, Society for the Improvement of Science") is a non-profit scientific organization founded to promote scientific research and technological innovation at the highest levels. SACSIS general purpose is to prevent the editorial bias that are suffering the negative results of main scientific research. Optimization of research infrastructure will translate in a better society in a faster way.

SACSIS is the publisher of The All Results Journals, a set of total Open Access journals focus on publishing negative results from fields of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Nanotechnology. Since its foundation in 2008 the journals have been widely supported by volunteers worldwide and are publishing important negative data. The volunteers are being trained and managed by SACSIS staff and constitute an important human resources for SACSIS. The journals also have a Scientific Advisory Board composed by more than 100 international researchers coming from areas so diverse as Nanotechnology (Prof. Mauricio Terrones, Mexico), Molecular Biology (Prof. Roger Davis, USA), Cell Imaging (Prof. Pierre Voisin, France), Bionanotechnology (Prof. Wolfgang Parak, Germany) or Organic Chemistry (Prof. Ivan Parkin, UK) among others.

SACSIS is being managed by Dr. David Alcantara (Harvard Medical School, President), Dr. Pablo Bernal (CSIC-Sevilla University, founding member) and Dr. Carlos Ceacero (Pablo de Olavide University, founding member) which have been participating in national and EC research projects since 2003.