The Society for the Improvement of Science (SACSIS) is a non-profit scientific organization founded to promote scientific research and technological innovation at the highest levels. Every contribution to the work of our charity, however large or small, helps us care for some of the world’s most vulnerable scientific issues. Regular donations help to fund our long term commitments. With your donation you're helping us to:

  • Continue publishing The All Results Journals
  • Fight against publication bias that is suffering scientific knowledge.
  • Improve the education of young researchers.
  • Improve the national scientific system.
  • Expand popularization of Science 

Regular donations

Regular donations are of enormous value to us as a charity. They are the most cost effective way to fund our work. They are especially important for programmes like The All Results Journals.

Even if you can only afford a few Euros a month, we would strongly encourage you to donate this way; it is the most efficient way to give.

Monthly Donations

By post

Send a cheque, postal order (payable to SACSIS) to:

Sociedad para el Avance Cientifico, Society for the Improvement of Science
Guatemala, 1, 1C
41500, Alcala de Guadaira
Seville, Spain